Installing Slackware 11.0 using USB stick or PXE boot

If you want to use NFS for installing Slackware, or have the packages already
on a local disk, and don't want to be bothered by writing a Slackware
bootable CDROM (or because you like the greater read speed of USB sticks),
then this is for you: a script that creates the files you need for setting up
PXE booting (i.e. booting the installer from the network) and for creating a
bootable USB stick that contains the installer. You choose which of those is
convenient - setting up a PXE server is not trivial, and not every PC can boot
from a USB device.

This directory contains several files, all of which are needed in the creation
The shell script "" creates the bootable USB image
"usbboot.img" in /tmp/slackboot/. It takes it's sources from a local copy of the
slackware-current tree (it needs the isolinux and kernels directories).
The script's $SLACKROOT variable contains the directory name where the Slackware
files are expected.
Change SLACKROOT to the directory where your local Slackware copy resides.
The variable $STAGING points to the directory where the hard work is done, and
where the resulting output files can be found.

In the process of creating the USB boot image, two other files are also created
which can be used to setup a PXE server (so that you can boot from the network
instead of using CDROM, floppy or USB stick):


These files are used to create the "usbboot.img" file but are no longer needed
once the USB image is ready.
If you want to use those files and want to know more about PXE boot, see for more information.

If creating the image files is not something you'd want to try, use the
pre-fabricated images which you can find in:

Eric Hameleers <alien at slackware dot com> 21-sep-2006
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