Easy Firewall Generator for IPTables

"Slackware adaptation"

Version 1.17

Release Date: 05/11/2005 - CHANGELOG

This program generates an iptables firewall script for use with the 2.4 or later linux kernel. It is intended for use on a single system connected to the Internet or a gateway system for a private, internal network. It provides a range of options, but is not intended to cover every possible situation. Make sure you understand what each option in the generator does and take the time to read the comments in the resulting firewall. This generator will not, for example, generate a firewall suitable for use with a DMZ, but it can provide a starting point. For the most common uses the generator should produce a firewall ready for use.

Read here for more information on iptables firewalls.

Easy Firewall Generator implements several ideas presented in Oskar Andreasson's iptables-tutorial. The link to his tutorial is maintained on the resources page below.

Links to additional firewall resources.

Select the desired options and click the Generate Firewall! button. If your choices require additional input, the Options will redisplay, perhaps with more options displayed. When the options are in a completed state the firewall will be returned as a text document. Save the result as iptables for redhat systems or rc.firewall for many others.

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