Slackware 12.2 mini ISO image explained


This ISO image is not just a stripped down Slackware 12.2 CD image.
The Slackware 12.2 installer will not boot on a computer that has just
64 MB of RAM. The kernel will run out of memory before it has fully loaded
the initial ramdisk.

To overcome this problem, my 12.2 "mini iso" contains two separate ramdisk
images, one for the SMP kernel (hugesmp.s) and another one for the two non-smp
kernels (huge.s and speakup.s). Also, the kernel modules in the initrd files
are compressed using gzip.
These two measures allow this mini installer to boot in systems with only 64 MB
of memory available.
Using it is no different than using your official Slackware CD or DVD. You have
the kernel selections hugesmp.s, huge.s and speakup.s and the rest of the
procedure follows that of the official bootable medium 100%.

The mini iso contains no packages, and you will have to perform your Slackware
installation from a pre-mounted local directory, or using NFS/HTTP/FTP
network installation.

Eric Hameleers <> 20-feb-2009
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