a2jmidid: a2jmidid (JACK midi daemon for ALSA midi)
a2jmidid: Main goal of a2jmidid is to ease usage of legacy, not JACK-ified apps,
a2jmidid: in a JACK MIDI enabled system.
a2jmidid: a2jmidid is daemon that implements automatic bridging when started
a2jmidid: in D-Bus service mode and connecting to jackdbus.
a2jmidid: This can be achieved easiest by adding 'a2j_control start' and
a2jmidid: 'a2j_control stop' commands as jackctl startup/shutdown scripts.
a2jmidid: a2jmidid home: https://repo.or.cz/a2jmidid.git
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