avldrums.lv2: avldrums (LV2 plugin for AVLinux Drumkits)
avldrums.lv2: avldrums.lv2 is a simple Drum Sample Player Plugin, dedicated to
avldrums.lv2: the AVLinux Drumkits, see http://www.bandshed.net/avldrumkits/
avldrums.lv2: This self-contained plugin provides a convenient way to rapidly
avldrums.lv2: sequence and mix midi-drums.
avldrums.lv2: The AVLdrums comes as two separate drumkits: Black Pearl and Red
avldrums.lv2: Zeppelin. There are 5 velocity layers for each of the 28 kits
avldrums.lv2: pieces or drum-zones for both kits.
avldrums.lv2: See also: http://x42-plugins.com/x42/x42-avldrums
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