gcc: gcc (Base GCC package with C support)
gcc: GCC is the GNU Compiler Collection.
gcc: This package contains those parts of the compiler collection needed to
gcc: compile C code.  Other packages add C++, Fortran, Objective-C, and
gcc: Java support to the compiler core.

# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
# This is a gcc34 compatibility SlackBuild for use in Slackware > 11.0 ,
# where gcc4 is the default compiler suite.
# This gcc34 build installs to /usr/gcc34 and will not interfere with gcc4.
# *** Use gcc34 in your scripts, as follows ***
# * By using environment variables:
#   Most softwares support the CC and CXX environment variables.
#   First assign them, then run configure and/or make. Example:
#     CC=gcc34 CXX=g++34 ./configure
# * Using configure support:
#   If the software is using the standard GNU automake and configure,
#   then there is a chance it supports other compilers by passing in
#   a setting to the configure script.
#   First run configure --help to see if it mentions anything.
#   The following example is from MPlayer:
#     ./configure --help
#     ./configure --cc=gcc34
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

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