iscan-network-nt: iscan-network-nt (SANE network plugin for iscan)
iscan-network-nt:  This plugin converts between the network protocol of the supported
iscan-network-nt: devices and the ESC/I protocol.  The latter protocol is supported by
iscan-network-nt: the SANE 'epkowa' backend, part of Image Scan!, and some other
iscan-network-nt: SANE backends.  However, only the 'epkowa' backend provides
iscan-network-nt: the hooks needed to use this plugin.
iscan-network-nt: All network capable Epson devices supported by Image Scan!
iscan-network-nt: are expected to work with this plugin.
iscan-network-nt: iscan-network-nt home:
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