linuxdoc-tools: linuxdoc-tools (utilities for working with DocBook and SGML)
linuxdoc-tools: SGML stands for Standard Generalized Markup Language.  This is a
linuxdoc-tools: system which allows you to produce LaTeX, HTML, GNU info, LyX, RTF,
linuxdoc-tools: and plain text (via groff) from a single source file in SGML.  It is
linuxdoc-tools: often used for technical software documentation, such as the Linux
linuxdoc-tools: HOWTO documents.  
linuxdoc-tools: This package includes everything you need to use SGML -- all of the
linuxdoc-tools: standard SGML tools; OpenJade; tools for working with DocBook
linuxdoc-tools: documents (various DTDs); xmlto and AsciiDoc.
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