wqy-zenhei: wqy-zenhei (Wen Quan Yi Zen Hei CJK Font)
wqy-zenhei: The WenQuanYi Zen Hei font is a Chinese (or CJK) outline font
wqy-zenhei: with Hei Ti style (a sans-serif style) Hanzi glyphs.
wqy-zenhei: This font is developed for general purpose use of Chinese for
wqy-zenhei: formating, printing and on-screen display. This font is also
wqy-zenhei: targeted at platform independence and the utility for document
wqy-zenhei: exchange between various operating systems.
wqy-zenhei: wqy-zenhei home: http://wqy.sourceforge.net/en/
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