Stuart Winter's (MoZes) Slackware Linux stuff

This page allows you to download some of my software that is related to or for use with the Slackware Linux distribution.

 Slackware ARM port Links Description

Slackware ARM is the official port of Slackware Linux to the ARM architecture. Primary web site
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 slacktrack   Download

slacktrack is a tool to assist with building Slackware packages from the <package>.build scripts that can be found in the distribution source tree.

It can also be used to build packages where Makefile does not honour any DESTDIR type variable, and enables end-users to create packages more easily.
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 /usr/sbin/adduser Architecture Download

adduser script for Slackware Linux.

This is always the latest version of adduser (and should be in sync with slackware-current). It also appears in gentoo as superadduser.

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 Various documents Document Description

This is a collection of the various documents I have written for Slackware Linux related stuff.
Package building check list A brief checklist for testing your package.tgz files.
aaa_elflibs discussion Understanding the aaa_elflibs package

Slackware package building presentation (PDF, SXI).
Accompanying text notes

FOSDEM 2005 presentation - building Slackware packages