Historical Computing Magazine Collection

Why collect old and 'outdated' computer magazines? Well, there are numerous reasons, and some I'm sure I never thought about. Well, for one, we do not wish ALL our magazines to be old, we strive to have both the most recent AND the oldest computer magazines, journals, newsletters, and newspapers we can find. Now, why? Well, lets see: have you ever needed to find an 'old' magazine for an article on something that still applys today? Have an old piece of software or hardware you're trying to find out about or identify? Trying to track down something you KNOW is out there somewhere, but you can't find a recent equivalent for? Are you a historical computing hobbyist? Are you interested in the culture and development of the companies that are now megagiants? Or are you mourning a now-defunct company whose products you love and are trying to track down? Are you an artist looking for retro-material or a filmmaker looking for accurate props for that film you're setting in the early 80s? Well, whatever the reasons, there are hundreds...

The simple fact however, is, you get tons of these magazines, and you throw them out, send them into the waste stream, after a few years, or after just a month.. well, now there's somewhere to put them, someone to send them to, somewhere they're going to be appreciated. Interested in making a contribution?

Please note the new email address

To contact us, email msimons@slackware.com, please preference all 'Subject:' lines with the prefix of "COMPMAGA:" and then your subject to make it easier for us to sort our mail, thank you.
Or, Just send your contributions to us at:
Magazine Savior
P.O.Box 45557
Philadelphia,Pa 19149-5557

Please note: Duplicates are more than welcome. Magazines of all types also welcome. In the Philadelphia region we may be able to arrange for a pickup or drop off.
All Major Contributors to the Archive can arrange for Access to the collection, OCR scans, or photocopies of articles. Anybody else, feel free to request access or copies.
Thanks to William Jameson for a sizeable contribution of MAC and Byte magazines.
Thanks to David Edwards for a contribution of a number of Analog (Atari), Linux, and British Computing magazines; and some Atari Technical Manuals (not listed here.)
Thanks to David Dunn for a sizable contribution of Amiga Software and Manuals. (Not listed here.)

Note: We are finally editing this again.. of course unless you were told specifically about this fact, you wouldnt know this anyways, as I have been having some access problems with the main site where this has been on up until now, and the old pages are still unchanged. I've decided to move this here for now, so that I can start editing it again more actively.. eventually I hope to move this on to my own webserver SOMEWHERE but I don't know where yet... anybody care to donate a server or a feed or hardware for my projects? ;)

As it says above, this is being edited once again as of 11/5/99.. please note our two new contributors above.. please note as I am not currently accessing this from home, I will not yet be going full-steam at listing everything that has been added to the collection since this was last edited.

The following is the listing of magazines and issues that we have currently cataloged. New issues are being added whenever we get the time. Last addition 11/5/99. Watch for scans of covers coming soon as soon as I feel better and get a slightly better computer & access.
The Photography/Video/Broadcast Magazines List

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