Minimal Slackware Installation

Just the list of packages

This should result in a install that is less than 200mb.
It pulls from the a/ ap/ and n/ sections.
While it is a different list than the one above, you can get from the installation source, the tagfile with "REC", a pretty clear indication of the core necessities. Like so:
		$> curl -s | grep REC$ | cut -d : -f 1

Virtual Box Appliance

Just "Import" this *.ova appliance, and give it a whirl. A couple of notes:
slackware-13.37_minimal_x86_64.ova [MD5] [ASC]
slackware-13.37_minimal_i686.ova [MD5] [ASC]

Vagrant Box

This is a total work in progress
When getting familiar with the Vagrant Up project, I started the following machine, with the intention of having as easy as:
$ gem install vagrant $ vagrant box add base $ mkdir -p ~/vagrant/slackware_minimal $ cd ~/vagrant/slackware_minimal $ vagrant init $ vagrant up $ vagrant ssh
Then you'll be on the command line of a fresh install of a minial slackware machine! [MD5] [ASC]

If you get the error of needing rubygems >= 1.3.5, then run (as root):
# gem update --system

If you need my GPG key, you can pull down key 0x733F1362.

Last updated on: Tue Jun 7 07:57:34 PDT 2011