PAM for slackware

These are the hackings on Linux-PAM integreation to Slackware Linux.
To date it has just keep up with the -current development branch.

As of 2019-11-02 updates and testing have continued.

It is almost like this has been 10yrs in the works.


This is the addition of two packages (pam, cracklib), and the rebuild of a series of packages, to overhaul the authentication in Slackware Linux, using Linux-PAM


There are NOTES.txt and README in the root directory, along with a couple of scripts
crafted up for my use. The directories a/, ap/, kde/, l/, n/ and xap/ are the source for the SlackBuilds.
The pkgs/ has Slackware packages for the -current development branch (i486 and x86_64).
To download, use lftp or rsync. You can download everything, or only the packages, if you are interested in helping debug these builds.

A scripty example of downloading and installing only for, could be:
mkdir -p ~/pam cd ~/pam lftp -c "open; mirror ." upgradepkg --install-new *.t?z slackpkg new-config


If are willing to subject your machine to testing, then feel free to send back feedback :)
You can reach me on IRC, or on email. vbatts (at) or (at)


sources and packages are available at: