schroot - ecurely enter a chroot environment


Slackware Linux ships with the chroot(1) binary, while schroot(1) is a next evolution of chroot.
schroot will handle the bind mounting of needed directories, and allow configurable profiles of chroots to enter.


For now, you can access the SlackBuild src for schroot, in my git repository on,


schroot(1) is a debian development, and much of the defaults provided are for debian purposes. Though it does not take much effort to have a suitable accomodation for Slackware hacking.
There are a couple of items to get familiar with:




[slack32] description=slackware-current type=directory directory=/home/slackware-current/ users=vbatts groups=users personality=linux32 script-config=slackware/config [slack64] description=slackware64-current type=directory directory=/home/slackware64-current/ users=vbatts groups=users aliases=slack personality=undefined script-config=slackware/config [] description=slackware64-current minimal tarball type=file file=/home/slackware64-current.minimal.tgz users=vbatts groups=users personality=undefined script-config=slackware/config [] description=slackware64-current minimal type=directory directory=/home/slackware64-current.minimal/ users=vbatts groups=users personality=undefined script-config=slackware/config
FSTAB="/etc/schroot/slackware/fstab" COPYFILES="/etc/schroot/slackware/copyfiles" NSSDATABASES="/etc/schroot/slackware/nssdatabases"
# fstab: static file system information for chroots. # Note that the mount point will be prefixed by the chroot path # (CHROOT_PATH) # # /proc /proc none rw,rbind 0 0 /sys /sys none rw,rbind 0 0 /dev /dev none rw,rbind 0 0 /home /home none rw,bind 0 0 /tmp /tmp none rw,bind 0 0
/etc/resolv.conf /etc/gshadow
passwd shadow group services protocols networks hosts


If are willing to subject your machine to testing, then feel free to send back feedback :)
You can reach me on IRC, or on email. vbatts (at) or (at)

Take care,