Hey there,

In effort to make software available in unencumbered by potential restrictions, I want to make available a mirror of the official mirror of slackware (http://slackware.osuosl.org) on the Tor onion network.


slack64y3pqluw32.onion is a Slackware mirror, Slackware ARM, and a few things from alienBob, on the tor network. (2021-03-12 the v2 address is completely deprecated now. Please switch to the v3 address below)

Now a v3 HiddenService is available as well at 7oqabxbkksriopx34gnafj34rycgv6s6qjt5rszgomj5hm3z3adza5ad.onion ([rsync]).


There is much to be said on setting up your hosts on tor and duty of ensuring your traffic is fully routed (DNS, pesky javascript, et al).
This is on you to do your research.

Take care,

update 2023-11-30: updated the versions and endpoints, like for slackwareaarch64-current. So, now I'm adding a link to the slackware-sync config (slackware-sync.toml).