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Download (not a streaming file) "Lost Sailor -> Saint of Circumstance" by the Grateful Dead from 9/2/80, Rochester, NY, S>?>Cass(x?)>D>MP3@128K: gd80-09-02-sbd-sailor-saint.mp3.

Pat's notes on the above selection, 3/14/2001: Howdy all! I heard today that part of 9/2/80 would be filler on the latest Dick's Picks (see http://www.dead.net for ordering info). Back when I was attending Boston U in 1986 I got a copy of the first set of this show from a soundboard source, and it's been one of my favorites ever since. I'd also rate this version of Sailor>Saint as my all-time favorite, for a bit of an odd reason. Seems that night there was some strange feedback going through the board, and the way it mixes in with Phil's playing (I wonder if it was heard through the stage monitors as well?) and moans and howls right at the "some days the gales are howling" part, well, it's just perfect! To me, anyway. One man's miracle may well be another's mistake. :) I was surprised to hear that this portion of the show does not exist in the vault (All right, who walked off with it?). Back in '92 after a Dead show at Deer Creek, I was hanging out back at the campground with a physicist named Ken, and thought I'd throw in the tape. Well, Ken ID'ed it immediately as Rochester, and told me that he attended the show going to school in Rochester, and that his friends taped it off the board. I never did get a copy of Ken's tape to check it out, and my own tape is on a Sony HF-S cheap normal bias cassette, was made on a double-boom-box, and is unknown generations from the master tape (but it sounds like at least 6). If anyone has the board tape in better condition than that, I'd sure like a copy!

A lot of people have heard this Sailor>Saint from the widely-circulated audience source, but this source seems to be a lot more rare than I thought it was, and if you thought you liked this on the audience tape, well, you've GOT to hear this!

Disclaimer: Yes, I know. MP3 bad. Shorten good.

But, this recording was in semi-rough shape to begin with. Nobody here could hear a difference between the original WAV, MP3@256K, and MP3@128K, and we like to think we have golden ears. Yes, MP3 is the cassette tape of the future, and it's probably the gentlest generation this recording got in its travels, so it does seem appropriate here.

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