Hi! I am Eric Hameleers, or Alien BOB as I am called on various Slackware forums & channels. I am a long time Slackware user, part of the Slackware team, but I am not a Slackware employee. You'll find scripts I wrote here, lots of Slackware packages, their build scripts, and several articles I wrote for my Wiki of course.
All of what I make available here is not official Slackware-released software. Do not bug Pat about what you download from my homepage (other than to tell him he should include my packages in the official Slackware distribution if you like them :-)

What I do like is to get feedback! Visit my blog or my Mastodon page and tell me what you think.

Also, you will find some useful info in my dokuwiki pages at wiki.slackware.nl and the community-driven SlackDocs wiki

If your browser warns you about not trusting the CACert root certificates, follow these instructions to install the CACert root cert.

In case you wonder; the above image is a constant reminder to my entry into the "real world" of computers. This leaflet hung in my room when I started my first night-time job as application developer / technical sales support.

Stuff that may be of interest to you:

Eric Hameleers <alien at slackware dot com>
Eric Hameleers