A Bit of Slack Never Hurt Anyone

It's all about me!

I probably don't have room to list all of the wonderful things about me =)

Here I will attempt to create the legend provide a little info about myself


  • Born: 1966 (umm.. yes that's AD)
  • Sex: Nowhere near often enough!
  • Occupation: Consultant/Systems Administrator
  • Hobbies: American Muscle Cars, Electronics, Computery stuff (duh) and Long walks on the treadmill.
  • Music: Heavy Rock/Metal, Industrial Techno, and lots of Old School Stuff.
  • Role Models: Statler and Waldorf from the Muppets.

Computer History

I've been interested in computers for as long as I can remember. I've owned machines like Amstrad, Commodore and Amiga as well as Sun SparcStations and of course the modern day Intel PC.

Around 1996 I found myself getting very bored and frustrated with Windows (W95 at the time I think) so I started looking around for alternatives. I had heard of Linux and started researching it. Many people were using Red Hat and Debian but there also seemed to be quite a few using Slackware.

I settled on Slackware and it wasn't long before it became my fulltime desktop OS.

During this time I found my way to the Slackware Forums (run from Slackware.com) and eventually found myself answering more questions than I asked.

I still frequent the forums at linuxquestions.org and try to help others when I can.

I also ran the local Linux Users Group here in my Hometown for several years

Slackware Team

I'm currently a member of the Core Slackware Team.

I don't have any designated title or job and mostly just practice my Statler and Waldorf style heckling and provide general distractions.

I guess the bugs reports/fixes, help with documentation and general "Sage Advice" must count for something but I struggle to believe it balances out. =)

What I like most about Slackware

For me Slackware provides just the right balance of simplicity and flexibility while still giving me the control to adapt it to my needs.