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This site is dedicated to providing the latest news about the Slackware Linux distribution, as well as installation help, configuration help, and other general information about Slackware Linux.

The Founder and Project Coordinator
Patrick Volkerding
Also known to many as "The Man" and as Slackware's BDFL, without Patrick, there would be no Slackware. He has worked for many years and continues to work on this popular and extremely stable distribution. Patrick earned his BS in Computer Science from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 1993.

Slackware Alumni
David Cantrell
David worked full-time on Slackware Linux for several years handling the SPARC port, technical support email, and other things such as testing and new package development. In addition to those things, he also wrote the autoslack and protopkg utilities.

To see what David's up to lately, visit his personal web site at www.burdell.org.

Chris Lumens
Chris also worked full-time on the Slackware project for several years, and is now employed (along with David) by another large commercial Linux distribution. Chris worked to port Slackware to the Alpha platform (Slackware64(tm)), and was responsible for much of the Slackware Linux Essentials book, including the formatting and all that. He's also worked on PHP and MySQL stuff.

Chris really likes Perl, but would love to find an excuse to learn some really weird languages. In his free time, Chris generally plays around with his various systems. He's also really trying to get back into backpacking, paintball, and other outdoors things. You can check out his personal site at bangmoney.org.

The Box
Curious about the machine running this site, eh? Also fairly high on the importance scale (for this site, anyway) is the box itself. The machine is a Pentium III, 600 MHz, with 512 megabytes of RAM. It runs (of course) Slackware Linux, and does an efficient and reliable job even with moderately old hardware. The slackware.com site has been known to run for well over a year without a reboot.

The Code
Each page is meticulously carved and refined by our expert craftsmen using vim, then proofed using Firefox. The site is designed to be viewed with at least a 640x480 display, but it also looks good in Lynx. The backend for the site (which controls the news items and a few other things) is written almost entirely in PHP. Various other little support scripts are written in Perl.
Slackware™ is a trademark of Patrick Volkerding.