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From: David Cantrell <>
Subject: New Patches for Slackware 7.0 Available
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 12:12:26 -0800 (PST)
There are several bug fixes available for Slackware 7.0.  We will always
post bug fixes and security fixes to the /patches subdirectory on the ftp

The ChangeLog.txt file in that directory will show what has been patched and
why.  Here is a short overview of the current patches available:

   bind.tgz       Upgraded to bind-8.2.2-P5.  This fixes a vulnerability
                  in the processing of NXT records that can be used in a
                  DoS attack or (theoretically) be exploited to gain access 
                  to the server.  It is suggested that everyone running 
                  bind upgrade to this package as soon as possible.

   nfs-server.tgz Upgraded to nfs-server-2.2beta47, to fix a security
                  problem with the version that shipped with Slackware 7.0
                  (nfs-server-2.2beta46).  By using a long pathname on a 
                  directory NFS mounted read-write, it may be possible for 
                  an attacker to execute arbitrary code on the server.  It 
                  is recommended that everyone running an NFS server 
                  upgrade to this package immediately.

   imapd.tgz      Pine that shipped with 7.0 looked for pine.conf in
                  /usr/local/lib instead of /usr/lib/pine, which is where
                  we put the file.  These packages fix that problem, as
                  well as upgrading to Pine 4.21, which fixes some minor
                  problems people were reporting with the IMAP server (some
                  messages would remain flagged as "N" even after you read

   raidtool.tgz   The package that shipped with 7.0 was missing the
                  symlinks for /sbin/mdrun and /sbin/mdstop, install
                  this package to address that problem.

   sh_utils.tgz   Moved /usr/bin/sleep to /bin/sleep, symlinked to it in
                  /usr/bin.  This addresses a problem with metamail's

   sysvinit.tgz   Carry a 512 byte entropy pool between reboots in
                  /etc/random-seed.  This improves the security of anything
                  using /dev/urandom as an entropy source.  Also, try to
                  shut down RAID devices in /etc/rc.d/rc.6 if we see that
                  an /etc/mdtab exists on the system.

   write.tgz      Fixes the broken /usr/bin/write command.  The one that
                  shipped with 7.0 had trouble with the Unix98 PTYs.

   wuftpd.tgz     wu-ftpd-2.6.0 as shipped in the tcpip1.tgz package with
                  7.0 has a broken version of /usr/bin/ftpwho that produces
                  invalid output.  This package fixes ftpwho.

These packages are designed to be installed on top of an existing Slackware
7.0 installation.  In the case where a package already exists (such as
pine.tgz), it is adviseable to use upgradepkg.  For other fixes (such as the
write.tgz one), you can just use installpkg to install the fix.

NOTE:  For packages that replace daemons on the system (such as bind), you 
need to make sure that you stop the daemon before installing the package.  
Otherwise the file may not be updated properly because it is in use.  You 
can either stop the daemon manually or go into single user mode and then 
go back to multiuser mode.  Example:

        # telinit 1             Go into single user mode
        # upgradepkg bind       Perform the upgrade
        # telinit 3             Go back to multiuser mode

Remember to back up configuration files before performing upgrades.

- The Slackware Linux Project

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