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From: "Patrick J. Volkerding" <>
Subject: [slackware-announce] Slackware 12.1 released.
Date: Mon, 5 May 2008 20:57:22 -0700 (PDT)
Good hello friends of Slackware,

After most of a year of development, we've released Slackware 12.1 as a 
stable, supported release.  The discs are currently in for replication, 
but we're accepting pre-orders at  We're hoping for 
a rapid turnaround -- you can be first in line with a pre-order, but the
store will also be updated to show when shipping has begun.  If you enjoy 
Slackware, please consider picking something up from the store (but only 
if you can afford to.)

While you wait :-), Slackware 12.1 is already available for free 
download with BitTorrent (see the "Get Slack" menu on, as 
well as from FTP mirrors such as (thanks to the Oregon 
State University Open Source Lab) -- also see our mirrors list, and 
alphageek's unofficial mirrors list:

Thanks to everyone who helped with the release, whether through 
improvement suggestions, bug reports and patches, financially, or through 
simple encouragement.  It's great to see the project continuing to move 
forward and make substantial progress after 15 years of development.  I 
couldn't have predicted it back in 1993.  Thanks.  :-)

For more information about the Slackware 12.1 release, see the news item 
at (and the additional linked pages such as the official 
release announcement).

Once again, thanks for your support, and enjoy the release!


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