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Slackware Linux for SPARC

The current developmental tree for the SPARC port of Slackware Linux has been available since December 2000. The port is undergoing some heavy development, with updates being made several times per week.

This page is designed to give some basic information on the SPARC port with some links to the more detailed information. The Slackware website has been revamped in certain places to handle multiple architectures. In particular, the ChangeLog and package browser contain SPARC-specific information.

The main distribution site for the SPARC port is:

That directory includes all the packages, source, and documentation that you'll need to install Slackware on your SPARC system. It's basically laid out just like the Intel distribution trees.

Latest News
April 25, 2001 - Slackware has moved to using SourceForge for the FTP archive. The name points to the correct server, so you should continue using that to access the Slackware FTP site. The SPARC stuff is still located in /pub/slackware/sparc.

March 29, 2001 - Web page specific to the Slackware SPARC port is now in service. Be sure to follow the ChangeLog for the latest updates to the distribution.

SPARC-specific Links
General Information/Help:
Sun Microsystems - Makers of SPARC and UltraSPARC systems.
Linux at Sun - Sun's Linux resources - The main site for the Linux SPARC port. - Excellent reference site for Sun hardware and software.
SPARC HOWTO - General information about Linux on SPARC.

Slackware Links:
SPARC Forum - Discussion of the Slackware SPARC port.
SPARC ChangeLog - See the latest updates.
Package Browser - Find and download SPARC packages.

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