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From: Slackware Security Team <>
Subject: [slackware-security] openssl (SSA:2006-272-01)
Date: Fri, 29 Sep 2006 00:57:13 -0700 (PDT)
Hash: SHA1

[slackware-security]  openssl (SSA:2006-272-01)

New openssl packages are available for Slackware 9.0, 9.1, 10.0, 10.1,
10.2, and -current to fix security issues.

More details about these issues may be found in the Common
Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) database:

Here are the details from the Slackware 10.2 ChangeLog:
  Upgraded to shared libraries from openssl-0.9.7l.
  See openssl package update below.
  (* Security fix *)
  Upgraded to openssl-0.9.7l.
  This fixes a few security related issues:
      During the parsing of certain invalid ASN.1 structures an error
    condition is mishandled.  This can result in an infinite loop which
    consumes system memory (CVE-2006-2937).  (This issue did not affect
    OpenSSL versions prior to 0.9.7)
    Thanks to Dr S. N. Henson of Open Network Security and NISCC.
      Certain types of public key can take disproportionate amounts of
    time to process. This could be used by an attacker in a denial of
    service attack (CVE-2006-2940).
    Thanks to Dr S. N. Henson of Open Network Security and NISCC.
      A buffer overflow was discovered in the SSL_get_shared_ciphers()
    utility function.  An attacker could send a list of ciphers to an
    application that uses this function and overrun a buffer.
    Thanks to Tavis Ormandy and Will Drewry of the Google Security Team.
      A flaw in the SSLv2 client code was discovered. When a client
    application used OpenSSL to create an SSLv2 connection to a malicious
    server, that server could cause the client to crash (CVE-2006-4343).
    Thanks to Tavis Ormandy and Will Drewry of the Google Security Team.
  Links to the CVE entries will be found here:
  (* Security fix *)

Where to find the new packages:

HINT:  Getting slow download speeds from
Give a try.  This is another primary FTP site
for Slackware that can be considerably faster than downloading

Thanks to the friendly folks at the OSU Open Source Lab
( for donating additional FTP and rsync hosting
to the Slackware project!  :-)

Also see the "Get Slack" section on for
additional mirror sites near you.

Updated packages for Slackware 9.0:

Updated packages for Slackware 9.1:

Updated packages for Slackware 10.0:

Updated packages for Slackware 10.1:

Updated packages for Slackware 10.2:

Updated packages for Slackware -current:

MD5 signatures:

Slackware 9.0 packages:
3b17c8be79ca99cb16321d2675f2885d  openssl-0.9.7l-i386-1_slack9.0.tgz
a7cb86681f01b57f7bff49842b393a67  openssl-solibs-0.9.7l-i386-1_slack9.0.tgz

Slackware 9.1 packages:
f222c26925ce542a25a93df674e8106c  openssl-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack9.1.tgz
fca221391f0b591373b6e38f1d732d63  openssl-solibs-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack9.1.tgz

Slackware 10.0 packages:
a1013cef56210154a2259c5135f1d047  openssl-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack10.0.tgz
35c40208e50ca4bcd7e7e16ce5db1526  openssl-solibs-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack10.0.tgz

Slackware 10.1 packages:
6c87f5baca8855cd07031824b747fe80  openssl-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack10.1.tgz
3ae63bd5b7178f880e8ed5a3af602b50  openssl-solibs-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack10.1.tgz

Slackware 10.2 packages:
a97c874a4bf6dc4ca6a4617966108a45  openssl-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack10.2.tgz
06b462fad82d28af4fba3f35f2ed25a1  openssl-solibs-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack10.2.tgz

Slackware -current package:
88264ebbe45eb908c2d3f3f32c367cf6  openssl-solibs-0.9.8d-i486-1.tgz
9f9d2d98fefd5cbd9334cfa374934efa  openssl-0.9.8d-i486-1.tgz

Installation instructions:

Upgrade the packages as root:
# upgradepkg openssl-solibs-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack10.2.tgz openssl-0.9.7l-i486-1_slack10.2.tgz


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