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Slackware is a trademark of Patrick Volkerding.

Permission to use the Slackware trademark to refer to the Slackware distribution
of Linux is hereby granted if the following conditions are met:

1.  In order to be called "Slackware", the distribution may not be altered
    from the way it appears on the central FTP site (  This
    is to protect the integrity, reliability, and reputation of the Slackware
    distribution.  (Note that moving entire directories like "source" or
    "contrib" to a second CD-ROM is allowable, but leaving them out and 
    distributing a single source-free disc is *not*, as indicated below)
    Anyone wishing to distribute an altered version must have the changes
    approved by (i.e. certified to be reasonably
    bug-free).  If the changed distribution meets the required standards for
    quality, then written permission to use the Slackware trademark may be

2.  All related source code must be included.  (This is also required by the
    GNU General Public License)

3.  Except by written permission from Slackware Linux, Inc., the Slackware
    trademark may not be used as (or as part of) a product name, company
    name, or registered domain name.

4.  Any approved use of "Slackware" must be followed by a circle-R, and must
    acknowledge our ownership of the mark.

Note that you can still redistribute a distribution that doesn't meet these
criteria, you just can't call it "Slackware".  Personally, I hate restricting
things in any way, but these restrictions are not designed to make life
difficult for anyone.  I just want to make sure that bugs are not added to
commercial redistributions of Slackware.  They have been in the past, and
the resulting requests for help have flooded my mailbox!  I'm just trying to
make sure that I have some recourse when something like that happens.

Any questions about this policy should be directed to:
    Patrick Volkerding <>
Slackware™ is a trademark of Patrick Volkerding.